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Book Ends Desk Holder For Shelves

  • Marke: Unbranded

Book Ends Desk Holder For Shelves

  • Marke: Unbranded
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Sturdy Metal Structure: The heavy duty 7 inch uses a rugged all metal structure. Book ends made with high-quality steel plates and advanced stamping processes are strong and heavy enough to hold all your books and are not easily bent. Very suitable for storage of large books, DVDs, video games or CDs.^High Quality Surface Coating:The surface of the is powder coated. This high quality antistatic coating has higher durability and scratch resistance, which can extend the service life of the book ends and prevent rust and scratches. When you choose a book, the smooth and flat surface of the will definitely give you a comfortable experience.^Humanized Design Details:There are 4 silicone anti-skid pads at the bottom of the book ends, which can prevent scratching of the bookshelf or furniture, and can also prevent the bookcase from sliding. Moreover, it can help you delete an item without disturbing other items. The rounded corner design of the will not scratch your fingers or books.^Powerful Functionality: The size is 4.7 * 7 * 3.7 inch book ends can hold books of various sizes, no matter how large books you put. This metal can classify different books, keep your books, magazines, videos and other things standing, make your home more tidy and avoid confusion, it is suitable for family,schools,offices and libraries use.This bookend supports has a huge advantage to save valuable space on the bookshelf, because no extra end protrudes on the other side.^

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